We believe that to achieve a result you will be 100% happy with close consultation throughout the initial planning process is essential. There is a lot to think about and that is why we never pressure or rush clients into making decisions. Apart from the obvious matter of dimensions, the style, colour, finish, features and functionality all have to be decided upon. Of course, our experts will give advice and pointers based on their experience of what works best in specific locations to assist you when making your choices.

The images of new installations and refurbished kitchens on the website give a good idea of what can be achieved at a cost that is very competitive in today’s market.

Refurbishing a kitchen, completely transforming it, rather than incurring the expense of a replacement is one of our most popular services and clients are often surprised at what can be achieved for a comparatively low price.

Our cabinets and finishes can be examined in detail at our showroom in the lovely Georgian town of Holt in North Norfolk. If you are in the area, please drop in for an informal chat because we love the opportunity to impress potential customers with the high quality of our products or feel free to call us on 01263 712362.